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Brand Evolution

Is your business ready for a refresh?

Just like people, a company will grow, change and transform over time. This natural progression is necessary for your business to stay at the forefront of the latest industry advancements and to better position yourself in the ever-changing minds of your consumers. No brand should ever be left static. This is especially true when it comes to your logo.

First impressions count

  • Your logo is the face of your business, the very symbol that draws customers in and gives a snapshot of your overall mission.

It’s essential to have various logo treatments

  • Do you only have one logo treatment in a JPG file format?  It is essential to have logo variations so you can build a strong brand across multiple mediums without it looking messy and unprofessional and to ensure that your brand is fit for purpose.

Logo is visually outdated

  • In some cases, the logo was great when it was designed, but now looks outdated. A redesign keeps the brand from feeling stale or out of touch. No matter how iconic your logo is, its creation will always be informed by the design standards, norms, and trends of the time in which it was created. This means that it will become outdated at some point. Think back to the last time your logo was refreshed and consider whether signs of age are beginning to show.

Align with current brand voice and audience

  • As your business grows, it may naturally evolve. If you are discovering that your company’s personality, brand voice and/or audience is different from when you first started, your logo should reflect these changes.

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